We are a young Italian family from Verona with two kids and a golden retriever who wish to travel around the globe and sensitize people on topics such as nature, sustainable tourism, food culture and family values. We are strong supporters of made in Italy.



We called ourselves THE TRAVELLING GOLDEN FAMILY, which means «the family of a travelling golden» because “jack” loves to visit new places (especially cold places) sniff, run, eat, swim and play with the enthusiasm and curiosity that only a Golden dog can have. But it also means «the golden travelling family» because for us being a Family is the most important thing of all.


The story of Alessandro and Chiara goes back to the high school, but we have actually become a Family when, in 2012, our first son Filippo was born. From then on, life has been full of happiness, and our common vocation was to see new countries, learn new cultures and fully enjoy the wonders of the world.


We got married two years later , in 2014, and since then we have felt more responsible parents and we always tried to open our minds to new experiences, not to close ourselves in everyday life.

Later in 2016 Lumberjack, a fantastic golden retriever, joined our family and flooded our home with love and fur! And now, that the crew has expanded with the arrival of the little baby Eleonora, the Morelato Family is really complete!



We are now ready to go!!!


Stay tuned!