JULY-AUGUST 2018 – From Dolomites to the Etna: our golden summer across Italy

Here we are, the first family trip with our little baby Eleonora Maria across Italy: from Moena – Dolomites to Sicily, along the long beaches of the Adriatic Sea to Matera (Unesco world heritage) and Scilla, then crossing the “stretto di messina” to reach Sicily, and coming back by Tropea, Amalfi coast, Umbria and Tuscany. A journey to discover authentic Mediterranean flavors, things to do with kids, beautiful beaches and ancient villages; as well as many delicious and strictly Italian dishes.

(Re)start from us. From a dream that becomes a full time summer journey. We decided to (re)start from our Country to discover our origins, traditions and (why not?) recipes of local cuisine. All summer with the family to feel new Italian emotions. We tell and share because we are aware that sharing is the best way to improve ourselves, to grow and grow our children.

Duration: 6 weeks (but you can do in 3)

Distance: 3.000 km / 14 regions / 8 stages in the journey

Transport: by car, to reach all the possible places of your interest, but you can also take train + public transport

Places of particular interest:

Dolomites: Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, UNESCO world heritage


Sassi di Matera: UNESCO world heritage site and Lonely Planet’s best in travel top 10 Cities 2018


Scilla: fisherman’s village and place of Homer’s Odyssey


Isole Eolie: volcanic islands of Sicily


Amalfi coast: UNESCO world heritage and one of Italy’s best places to visit



Budget for the holiday, tips and curiosity: we are happy to answer you question, please email us




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