Collect and document your hiking memories in the mountains with the unique, authentic and original “PASSPORT OF DOLOMITI” – for KIDS especially.

For those who love spending their days wandering through the high trails, or hop from a refuge to another or, above all, if you want to teach your children to earn a goal in the mountains! The Passport of Dolomiti can be the perfect tool to encourage your kids to walk, and for the future, to remember your and their adventures in the Dolomites National Park.

What is it??

The Passport of Dolomiti starts with these words: “Those who come to know the grace of Nature will find in it a strength to nourish them for the rest of their lives”.

It is a lovely and useful document, like a real passport with your name and picture, and pages where to collect the stamps. You can collect stamps of all the refuges, shelters, and restaurants you can reach at the altitude. And your kids will love it!! Even more if the stamp comes along with a local special dish… It is divided in chapters, one for each geographical area with its description such as: Northern Dolomites (Tre cime di Lavaredo, Bries, Bruinico, etc.), Central Dolomites (Val Gardena, Val Badia, Marmolada, etc.), Dolomiti Bellunesi (Cortina d’ampezzo, Cinque Torri, San Martino di Castrozza, etc.), Western Dolomites (Val di Fassa, Val di Fiemme, Madonna di Campiglio, etc.). Every refuge’s stamp should be collected in the relative area.


ph. Filippo in 2017 at Rifugio Micheluzzi.

How to use the passport

First of all, please fill it. If you want, attach a photograph or a drawing of your kids or anything that says something about them. In the Alpine refuges, in the museums and in some restaurants you will find a host of stamps for that place. There are historical ones, rare ones, beautiful ones; whatever you find, it will invariably be unique. Collect them and put them into the appropriate boxes found in the pockets at the beginning of each chapter. Remember to note the date. With a small symbol the kids will be able to mark whether it was sunny, rainy, or even snowing. You can write down their emotions, who they were with, something about the trail followed, and maybe even their drawings. It may be nice to dry small leaves or flowers between the pages. (but not the Edelweiss).

May the kids enjoy the hiking!!


You can buy the passport at the souvenirs shops or at the kiosks. The cost is about 5 Euro. A small price to make your little mountaineers happy.

Our son, Filippo, received his first Passport as a gift when he was 4, in 2016. Since then he has collected 31 different stamps (We swear we don’t get them for him 🙂 ) and the hunt for the most beautiful one continues…

The most memorable event was in 2017 when we met the climbing legend Reinhold Messner at the Passo Sella at Dolomites Vives, where he came by walking (of course!). At the end of his speach, Filippo was able to get his passport first page autographed… unbelivabe!! As we are mountain lovers we hope it will bring good luck

Ph. Filippo with his grandparents meeting Reinhold Messner


ph. Filippo receiving back his passport with Reinhold Messner signature

Hence, we recommend to all of you parents to make this beautiful gift to your children, so they can approach to trekking and have fun while being outdoors in one of the most beautiful places in the world! 

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